Balsa 250 contest for 2023

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Balsa 250 contest for 2023

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From Ed Larsen:

Starts NOW and ENDS May 26th, 2023
These are the Simple Basic Rules;
1) A minimum of 3 (three) actual Willy Nillies ribs MUST be used PER Wing Panel. Your build pictures should include this detail. You may modify to add Ailerons, Slats, Flaps or any other additional wing modifications as long as the 3 (three) Willy Nillies Wing Ribs are used per panel.

2) Entries MUST meet the 250 grams AUW Ready to Fly or less ruling and post a picture of the plane on the scales with the flight battery visible on the scale or in the plane. This is a Honor System item.

3) Plane must fly, Proof of Flight by Vide. Even if it results in a crash it will have flown.

4) Builds started BEFORE this announcement are eligible as long as the contestant meets all the rules of the contest.

5) Log periodic build progress pictures to the forum by individual Pics, or by adding to an Album of Pictures. The Album feature is best so members can easily follow your progress and see/learn techniques that you use.

6) Entries: MUST be entered no later than May 22nd, 2023. This gives the Members 5 days to review the Entries of your aircraft and the videos to vote on the Builds.

7.) A Question Form will be posted starting May 22nd, 2023 with the entrants listed so members can place votes. Tallies will take place at 10pm of May 27th, 2023 and the winner(s) announced.

Ed Larsen will personally pledge a $10 WN Store Credit to each participant that finishes and enters their plane under the rules of the Contest with an additional $10 store credit to be awarded to the Winner of each Category. These credits will be matched by Funds will be posted to Willy Nillies after the completion of the contest.
In addition, will be awarding a plaque to the winner of each of the categories.

Categories are as follows;

A) Best Scale model (civilian or military)
B) Best Original design
C) Best Modified kit
D) Best Multi-Wing design
E) Best glider/sailplane
F) People's choice

These rules are subject to changes and updating if needed for clarification. Any and all ideas regarding the "Rules" or clarification of the rules are greatly appreciated and we expect you to to post them to this thread only please.

The cutoff dates have been formulated to coincide with the Balsa 250 Fly In at AMA in Muncie, Indiana from the 27th to the 29th of May 2023. If you are planning to attend or can make it, bring your plane to show off!
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