Cub 250

Everything you will want and need to know about the j3 Cub 250
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Cub 250

Post by Johntledford »

My cub doesn't fly. Just after lifting off it bears to the left and crashes. I dont think theres a warp in the wing. I
Built it as instructions even though the instruction videos dont show much. I have the recommended servos and motor.
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Re: Cub 250

Post by kdc914 »

if you are using ailerons, make sure that one AILERON isn't warped. I had that happen on my second Sky Tiger. The wing was fine but one aileron had a warp at the tip and threw the whole wing off. If not using ailerons, double check the wing for any warp and maybe have someone else look too. You might also post your question on the Willy Nillies FB group. Some of the more experience builders than me might have other suggestions too.
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