Twin Engine

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Twin Engine

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I was looking into multi engine with a 3100kv motor, would 2 of the 6A ESC be enough power to run 2 motors and 4 servos?
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Re: Twin Engine

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Hey Nic,

Maybe, depending on what servos you use. The HTIRC 6 amp esc's only have a .5 amp BEC. We have successfully ran 3 Emax 9251 servos on one. We haven't tried 4. Another option would to be to use an separate BEC and not have any worries.

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Re: Twin Engine

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I'm still debating P-84/P-82 or O-2/336. Maybe both. Either one would use a pair of 1104 motors.

Anyway. I was thinking the 2 HTRIC 6A ESC's and the WN 3A FPV UBEC would work well enough with the 4 EMax 9251 servos and the 2 ESC's. The .5 (1/2Amp) built in BEC of the 6A unit isn't enough.

A second option for the o-2/336 I am considering is using the 12A ESC for one motor and the RX/ 3 Servos with the second motor using the 6A ESC and eliminating the need for the additional UBEC. If I used 4 Servos I'd opt to the dual 6A and UBEC setup though.

The reason I could use the option on the O-2/336 is that both units are in the Center Fuselage and doesn't create an offset balance. In the P-84/P-82, I plan to hatch the wing center for the RX and UBEC with 2 Servos and a battery in each of the Fuselage sections. Rudder/Aileron and Elevator/Aileron. It should keep things balanced side to side. Very important with these light weight planes.

Running two motors on one ESC is NOT generally recommended but some have claimed success.

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