An obsessed COX lover from Budapest, Hungary

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An obsessed COX lover from Budapest, Hungary

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Hi everyone, I am András or Andrew from Budapest, Hungary, some of you may know me from the Coxengineforum under the same username "balogh", where I have been actively present for the last 13 years.

An obsessed COX engine lover, I will want to build any proven kit for my COX engines ranging in size from the 010 Tee Dee to the 09 TeeDee or Medallion 015. I build and fly balsa RC planes almost exclusively for COX engines, and I have several own-built kits in my fleet that I will possibly fly whenever I find a field which is either legit under the recent drone laws (no such field in Hungary except airfields), or, is remote enough not to bother others with the noise of my engines.

I decided to join and register here after my recent purchase from Doug of a Shoestring micro racer that I plan to add to my COX 010 TeeDee powered stable.

As I requested in a reply post to the member kdc914 here, I would appreciate a reference photo about the best aileron connection to the servo of the Shoestring

Thanks, András aka balogh
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Re: An obsessed COX lover from Budapest, Hungary

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Welcome András!
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